Saturday 19 January 2013

Cat Crazy Saturday

I hope you're having a good weekend so far!
I didn't do my usual Friday Favourites yesterday
As when i came to do it, the battery in my mouse had died and I didn't have any spare!

It's thick with Snow here and it's so pretty!
But it is freezing!
The snow is driving Sisco nuts!
It's made her all feisty and she's been going in and out the window at least 20 times today!
We went to the woods near us and it looks so beautiful!
Here's a few snow pics, because I bet you haven't seen many of them lately! haha
I love her little paw sticking up like that
And as it's Cat Saturday, here's a video of Sisco in the snow
I love it that at the beginning she gets a little snow flake on her nose!
Here's a Cat themed treasury I made today
These socks are totally amazing! 
Isn't this print adorable?
Give your furr babies a kiss on the nose from me


  1. Thank you for featuring my charm! Love your blog I've become a follower!

  2. Amazing collection! thank you!:)

  3. i love the video of sisco! sadie doesnt go outside but i've been holding her up to the window and saying 'look at the snow sadie!'..

  4. Thanks so much for including my card! I love the cute video, too.

  5. The snow pictures look so pretty, the snow here is starting to melt now :( we are meant to have more on Monday though :)

  6. Such pretty snow pictures. It's even snowing in Brighton now, so awesome!

    1. We've had another load in the night too. It's really thick here now, so pretty!

  7. Claire Sisco is so darned cute!

    I love everything in todays Cat Crazy Saturday especially that photo.

  8. Sometimes I wish it snowed here, it's so pretty! Those cat cookies look delicious! Sisco is so cute, do you have to keep her in when it snows?? I've always wondered how that works :P

  9. In the Winter she stays in a lot as its so cold out.
    she's really curious about the snow and goes out in it sometimes, but not for long
    She leaps about like a little lamb, it's so cute!


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