Monday 6 September 2010

♥♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥♥ ♥♥ It's all just a Fairy Tale ♥♥

Happy Monday!!!
The weather has be so dreary here!
But...It is the perfect weather to sip a nice warm cup of tea and read a good book!
I have always been a big fan of Francesca Lia Block.
I adore the L.A. based dark fairytale dreamworld she creates with her words.
It's just so magical.
So that's where I am taking inspiration from for this Monday Etsy loves.
I don't care what people think, I personally believe you are NEVER too old for a fairytale
A little bit of make believe never hurt anyone.

So let's start!!!

1. Stevi T
How cute is this little fancy fella?
He is just SO full of character!

2. Melissa Chaple
My jaw dropped when I saw this!
Your own personal fairy cottage?
This is probably one of the most breathtaking, beautiful things I have seen!
Just look at all the work and detail that has gone into it.
Just gorgeous!
So gorgeous I had to include 2 pictures!!!

3. Attila design
Dream bed!!!!!
Add some beautiful sheer curtains around it and you've got a bed fit for a fairytale Princess
So so pretty

4. Country By The Bumpkins
Sometimes in a fairytale you have to have a haunted house.
I love this! It's a lamp!
But I think I'd be a little bit spooked to leave it on at night!
Yeah, I think if I had this it'd be a daytime lamp!

5. Liaison
This headpiece is so beautiful and unique.
I imagine you'd feel amazing wearing this, even if you were just popping out to buy some bread!

And wow.....I was looking through the photos and Courtney Love is wearing one of their custom headpieces!!!

6. Lilliput Loft
Your own Enchanted Tree?
Yep, I think I need one!
Such a clever and cute idea!
And at the bottom there is a little house, just big enough for a pixie!

7. ThisYearsGirl
This print is just so dreamy and magical

8. Twiggy lily
And lastly....I've always been a sucker for a princess dress
Yep, just your everyday, running around the field time dress

I think this has been my favorite Monday Etsy post so far!!!
What's your favorite fairytale?



  1. Oh I so agree with you about, "you're never too old for fairytales". Have you seen my blog??
    Thanks ever so much for including our 'Porchlight Pixies' Enchanted Tree in your lovely collection of fantasy items. The Pixies will be very excited to see their abode featured on your blog.

  2. beautiful collection! thanks for featuring my 'Stage Beauty' print!


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