Sunday 26 September 2010

Rainy Day Sunday + The mushroom Men

Well, after all the talking I did about loving Autumn, today was horrendous!
It rained so hard all day you couldn't even step out of the door without getting drenched! (Ok, maybe that is an overreaction, but it was bad!)
So I decided the only thing to do was to have a PJ day, which was bliss!
My day consisted of reading, drinking coffee with cinnamon and coconut and relaxing!
Hey, bad weather's not so bad if you can stay inside!

Later on it calmed down and we were feeling a bit cooped up so we decided to go for a walk
Except this little lady

All those toys?
2 catnip mice and one catnip rat, bought from Wales when we went away (She demanded presents)
Sisco doesn't think of herself as spoilt
She totally believes she deserves a little luxury
We are lucky she hasn't taken over the whole bed!

So we layered up and set off
Isn't this lovely?
It's a statue in the childrens playground area
So pretty

Because of the rain, the woods smelt amazing!
So fresh and earthy!
We could smell a bonfire in the distance that added to the Autumny atmosphere, it was magical!

Beautiful little Robin!
I love Robins, they seem so full of character!

More AMAZING mushrooms!
They just sprout out of the trees!

But, whenever I see them, I see them like this!
" Hey Claire, Just chillin' against this tree"

Then it started to get dark and a bit spooky, so we headed back!

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