Monday 20 September 2010

♥♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥♥ Super Scary Haunted Houses ♥♥

Today has been really Autumny and I loved it!
As much as I love the Summertime, I think Autumn is my favorite season
Walking through the woods, hearing the crisp leaves crunch beneath your feet
Snuggling up all cosy inside
Yummy Gingerbread Lattes
Spooky movies
Smells of cinnamon, bonfires and nutmeg
mmmmm I love it all!
And I can't WAIT until Halloween

So this post is inspired by Autumn and one of my favorite things.....
Spooky Haunted Houses!!!!
So....Prepare to be scared!!!

1. Shane Gorski
This house is so spooky and the colours are amazing!

2. Ronnie Bruce
So creepy!

3. Animal Sleep
This is a cute take on the Haunted House and the colours are gorgeous!

4. Berrys Beanies
I am in love with this drawing!
It reminds me of the house out of the film Psycho

5. The Dreamy Giraffe
This print is adorable
Check out her shop, she has so many beautiful prints!

6. Blonde Blythe
This is so pretty
And check out the creepy cat
She reminds me of my Sisco when she's in a mood!

7. Haunted Construction
This is amazing and so spooky!
Check out the store for more amazing houses!

Well that's it for this Monday post!
I can't WAIT until Halloween!!!!!

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