Sunday 12 September 2010

♥♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥♥ ♥♥ Oh I do love to be beside the Seaside ♥♥

Tommorow I am off to Sunny (hopefully) North Wales!!
I am originally from there and haven't been back since the beginning of the year.
Time flies by so fast!
There is SO much I looking forward to....
Spending time with family
Staying up late with my boyfriends parents, listening to all their stories
Seeing my mums chubby cats
Walking far into the forest in Anglesey and inhaling the deep earthy scent of the trees
Vinegar soaked chips on the seafront
Closing my eyes and hearing the waves crash on the beach
Finding some treasures at car boot sales
Also, playing on the 2p machines on the pier...You HAVE to do that at the seaside!
I'm even kind of looking forward to seeing the Seagulls they have in Wales, that for some reason are the size of pugs!

So, this Monday's Etsy post is inspired by the seaside!!

1. Al Brydon Photography
I love this print
It reminds me of standing on the beach in Wales in winter and feeling the icy cold wind bite at your fingertips. Then feeling relieved after rushing back to a nice warm car!

Irene Suchocki
I love this place. I've seen so many photos of it and really want to go there some day
So pretty!

3. Marisol Spoon
I am IN LOVE with the beautiful artwork Marisol Spoon creates and this is definately one of my favorite!

Gwen Delicious
This is such a sweet idea!

Fables by Barrie
This nautical inspired dress is gorgeous!
And if you like this, you need to check out the store!
SO many cute pieces!

6. Strangeling
I am a big fan of Strangeling and this print does NOT dissapoint!
C'mon.....of course I had to include a mermaid somewhere!

7. April Burris Art

This print is so summery and dreamy
Love it!

So that's it for Monday!
I will be back next week with a tan (hopefully) lots of lovely seaside photos and a LOT of photos of sheep!!!

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