Thursday 4 November 2010

Chewing Gum Art on the streets of London

When I first moved to North London I'd see all these little flashes of colour on the floor
With closer inspection, I realised it was painted chewing gum!

After a while I'd see Ben Wilson, the man creates it.
What a really lovely idea, turning nothing into a smile inducing little piece of artwork
Everytime I see it, it brightens up my day
Here is a link to a recent interview with him
Chewing Gum Man

Here are links to flickr sets full of his art


  1. I've never heard of this before! How fun!
    In South London it's all just dirty grey gum! ;)

  2. What a wonderful way to turn people's rubbish into lovely pieces of art =)

    Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.

  3. I saw Ben Wilson in the street once. He was working on some gum.


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