Sunday 14 November 2010

Scents from the Past

About 5 years ago my boyfriend and I went to California for a 2 month trip
Which was so amazing and such an eye opener!
Anyway, one day went to this gorgeous little Wicca shop in Silverlake, Los Angeles

I bought the most amazing perfume, full of essential oils
It was so earthy and gorgeous
Smelling it almost made me feel I had been transported to another time
Anyway, over time it ran out and eventually I forgot about it.
A few years ago I tried to find it again, but no luck

Recently I puchased a sampler pack of Lush's new perfumes
They were vegan and I adore Lush and was on the lookout for a new perfume
When I smelled these it took me back to that amazing feeling I had, when I smelled that perfume ages ago.
I can honestly say I will probably never use another scent
I'm inlove

With scents such as Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Vanilla, Violet leaf, Rose and my favorite Vertivert it is absolutely perfect in my eyes (and nose)
My favorites are the Tuca Tuca, Imogen Rose and Karma
I am so happy to have discovered these, I just wanted to share!

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