Sunday 21 November 2010

Cosy Winter Days

Unfortunately I haven't posted much this week due to a migraine!
But I'm all better now and want to share these amazing wintery and cosy images I found
It's so seriously cold in London right now
I think we may be expecting snow soon!
When it snowed last year we saw quite a few foxes out and about
The contrast of the rich red and the bright white was amazing!
We were snowed in for a few days as none of the public transport was working
So all 3 of us just snuggled up inside together, it was lovely!
Here are some cosy images that I'm loving right now

I LOVE window seats!

This is sooo heartwarming!

These are so cute!

Wow...I want to live here!!!

Last year Sisco was very timid around the snow
Until we let her out and then she dived head first into it
She loved it!
A little snow baby!

In the woods by us I've noticed ALOT of squirrels rummaging around, trying to find food for the Winter
So a few times I've bought bags of unsalted nuts and left them in bushes and trees in the woods
It's so lovely to see the little chubby cheeked cuties stocking up!

All images from We Heart It

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