Monday 22 November 2010

♥♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥♥ Winter Woodlands ♥♥

I can't believe it's Monday already!
Last week just flew by!
I've spent today making a lucky plush cat for a very special lady - Hope she likes it!

Again, the weather is freezing and whenever you read the news you're told "Snow is coming" and "Temperatures are falling" blah, blah, blah.
It's the same every year, everyone panics, bulk shops incase they're snowed in and waits for this big Snow storm and it never usually happens. But it is really cold!
But right now it's still ok to wrap up and go for frosty walks, which I love!
So this Monday Etsy post is inspired by Winter Woodlands!!!
Hope you enjoy my picks!

1. Treasured Charms
This is so pretty and petite!

2. Punky Bunny 300
Love this! Such a clever idea!

3. Kerfline Crafts
Some things we ALL should do!

4. Natures Cabinet
I love these so much!
And the story behind them is so lovely!

5. Harmonica Jane
My Nana used to have lots of ornaments similar to these, except made with tiny Seashells
Cute and Kitsch!

6. One of a Kind Chimes
I really want this!
It's a log cabin/birdhouse/Wind Chime!
I've always wanted to stay in a log cabin in a forest somewhere, surrounded by snow with a roaring fire!-Lovely!

7. My Polka Dot Pottery
These little dishes are handy and sweet!

8. Decoy Lab
This is just gorgeous!

9. Allitirations
I love this so much!
What a truly adorable idea!

10. Iota Illustration
Owls + Pink = Pretty perfect!

11. Birds Of Oregon
I love lockets!
And this painted one is so pretty!

12. Moonsty and Floonsty
What a little cutie!

13. Miss Hirondelle
This is so elegant and gorgeous!

14. Michelle Chang Jewelry
I am a complete sucker for animal inspired rings and I love this one so much!!!!
It's so dainty!

15. Lana0Crystal
I think I'm starting to seem a bit Owl obsessed!

Well that's it for this Mondays Etsy Loves.
Hope your week is full of laughter, love and happy days!


  1. Aw cute! I really like the pinecone necklace and the fox locket. Makes me want to got for a woodland walk! :)


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