Monday 15 November 2010

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Hey Honey, What's Cookin? ♥

Hope eveybody is having a good Monday
It's absolutely freeeeezing cold here!
I wouldn't be suprised if it snows soon

We've been drinking lots of hot teas and coffee
I never used to be a tea person, but I've just got into drinking it again
When I was little my Nana was tea obsessed!
She used to have about 15 cups a day! She went all out, she had a fancy tray and Tea cosy too
But whenever I made tea it was never the same
I realised the trick...
Brew it for like 5 hours! (Or what seemed to be) Then lots of milk and two sugars! Yum!

We have been making lots of warming, spicy soups and stews in an attempt to stay warm and not get colds (Cayenne pepper ALWAYS does the trick!)

Now we can make them at home for a fraction of the price!
Yummy Gingerbread Latte in my tummy!
It smells so cosy and festive!

Ok onto this Mondays Etsy post
Inspired by.............
The Kitchen!
I love gadgets and pretty vintage kitchen items so here this weeks loves
Hope you like them!

1. Shazzas Knits

This is so cute!
My Nana would definately approve!

2. 8 Point Design
I don't like McDonalds, but these cups are really sweet and cheery!

3. Sunset Side Vintage
Pastels = Perfect!

4. Not Forgotten Vintage
This is one fancy teapot!

5. Hey Yo Yo
I'm a sucker for a cute cup!

6. Holliez Hobbiez
These seem too pretty to use!

7. Richard and Ruthie
Love these!
They look just like they belong in a 50's Diner

8. Before He Finds Out
Possibly the sweetest Salt & Pepper Shaker ever?

9. Hunters Hideaway
Love these colours

10. Closely Knit
This is lovely
It's a cup, plate and bowl!

11. Witty Vintage
These are just perfect!

12. Honeys Treasures
This cookie jar reminds me of the one I fell in love with in Brighton!

Hope you saw some things you love!
Stay Warm!


  1. For cuteness! Thanks for featuring my item. Seems that we have very similar taste in vintage knick knacks:) And I too love gingerbread lattes! I'm going to try your tea trick. I also have a little bloglet:

  2. I want to be in this kitchen!
    With a cup of tea, and we'll talk about our wonderful Nanas....

  3. Ahh
    Thank you!
    What a lovely comment!

  4. How sweet of you to include our Cat Cookie Jar. I love your blog! You can see mine at

    Thanks again! xoxo



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