Friday 3 December 2010

Designer Inspiration - Katie Thompson

I've just discovered the designer Katie Thompson and I want to share!

I've always loved vintage items
Ever since I was younger I loved the idea of owning something with a past, it just seemed more special
Something that someone held onto and loved and they carried it through life with them
I remember the first piece of jewellery my boyfriend bought me, was a ring from an antique shop
I remember thinking how special it was, and imagining the story behind it
Maybe it was a ring that belonged to a young couple that were inlove in the 50's and he had saved all his wages to buy that special ring for his beloved.
(I know, but you are allowed to be cheesy when you are young lovebirds!)
I've also always had a love of vintage handbags
I think this came from my Nana as she always a 'special' boxy purse for special occasions
To carry tissues, red lipstick, powder and rouge
I adore the idea of taking something people have cast aside and giving a new life
That is why I love this designer
And she's a bit or a hoarder (Like me!)
She breathes new life into discarded junk and the outcome is lovely!
My suitcase seats are my favorite!
Hope you enjoy!!!

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