Saturday 18 December 2010

Woah! It's Snow!

It's really been coming down today
Pretty heavy all day
Think we've got about 6 inches deep!
Sisco has been a little bit reluctant to go out, as its so deep
I scrambled to get my camera to take a pic because
when she went out she sprung across the snow like a little lamb
So cute!

See? Look at the prints!
Like a little lamb!

'Ready to come in Mummy, Ma paws are cold'

We dressed up warm and went out for a walk
It's surprisingly mild out
It is so so pretty

I kept trying to take a pic of this stumpy tree
Check out the spooooky mist!

Some obviously got too cold to finish the poor snowman's face!

Back home to Sisco cuddles, Christmas movies and hot chocolate
We watched National Lampoons Christmas last night
We're starting a list
Any suggestions for Christmas films?

Stay warm!


  1. Aw Sisco is so cute! :)
    Have you seen Elf? that's a good Christmas film!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Wow that's even more snow that the one we had in st louis!


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