Friday 10 December 2010

Cute and Functional Gift Ideas...And my over-excitable Gift Giving!

I used to be so bad when it comes to gifts!
I'd see something amazing for someone, get REALLY excited about it
Then end up giving it to them early because I was SO excited
I remember one year buying my boyfriend gifts for his birthday
Usually he'd have them a few hours later
Did I mention, this was about 2 weeks BEFORE his Birthday?!
It usually went like this...
Oh...I got you something GREAT today!
You want a hint??
Ohhhh. you wanna see it?
No, it's supposed to be a surprise.....
Oh..... but you're gonna LOVE it!!!
Ahhh... You have other presents!
Close your eyes
You can have one early

Yes. That year he had nearly all his presents early!

I was rescued by online shopping!
By the time the gift comes, I have managed to calm down
What can I say? I'm just a very excitable person!
I love Modcloth!
I love a gift that is cute and useful!
Hope you love my gift ideas!

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