Wednesday 22 December 2010

Off to the Land of Sheep!!!

Early tomorrow morning we set off the Wales (Fingers crossed - due to the snow)
The weather up there is quite bad apparently
It's snowing worse than here and alot of people up the hills are snowed in
We're both excited as we haven't seen family since early Sept
Time seems to go by so fast
I really can't wait to give presents! (And get some too)
It's also going to be the 1st time I meet my sisters little puppies (Apparently they've grown into a couple of boisterous brothers, so we'll see how that goes!)
So I probably won't be posting much in the next week, but I will return with lots and lots photos of sheep, mountains, snow, puppies and chubby kitties!
I've loved
Oh, I just want to share a photo of a gift I made for the Mum & Dad of a super sweet little English Bulldog

It doesn't look too much like her now as she has grown, but they loved it!
Just look at that little face!
Such a cutie!

Have a Happy Christmas!

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