Friday 31 December 2010

Off to Wales for Christmas! Part one

We set off early to Wales, so we could get a full day
We'd heard about how bad the snow was up there, so we went prepared with lots of cosy and warm clothes.
The view on from the train was so beautiful
It almost looked magical
The snow had covered nearly everything!

We went to Paul's parents 1st, then stayed the 1st night at my mums

It was so lovely to see the cats and Jessica (The dog)
Robot Kitty!!!

Mean and moody little Chris

Louie (Lucy) Lovely little baby
Poor thing was born deaf, apparently it's quite common in white cats

She LOVES the camera!

I adore cats smooshy little paws!


Little Chris isn't so little!
Check out the little chunky monkey!

On her front paws it looks like she has two little mittens!
So cute!

Jessica may is a little old lady now

Some of her hair is going grey

Hi Louie!

Part two tomorrow
With lots of pretty mountains, sea and sheep!

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