Friday 4 November 2011

Inspiring Homes

The last few days have been so cold!
I guess Winter is finally here
It's definitely hot tea and soup weather!
It's been nice to snuggle up warm with little Sisco
I love our little flat, but I look forward to someday having a place of our own, starting from scratch and decorating it just the way we want to
I love looking at inspiring homes and spaces, especially cosy looking ones
Here are a few of my favorites

So dreamy!

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  1. Hi, speaking of nice places to live, perhaps Sisco would like this as a welcome home present?


  2. oooh, this is amazing! I especially love the first pic. Well, I especially love all the pics!

  3. Wow I wouldn't mind waking up on Christmas morning to that living room - how beautiful! Maybe one day...


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