Sunday, 13 November 2011

Victorian Homes...But not as they seem

From as long as I can remember I've had a love of Victorian houses
I think it's actually from watching the film Psycho when I was younger
I thought the building was the most beautiful I'd ever seen
It just had something special about it
Years later, Paul's parents surprised me with a 12th scale model of the house they made me (they used to make miniature houses)
And it's AMAZING! They are crazy talented
I keep meaning to photograph it, but it's in storage at my mum's
I will definitely do it when I'm next in Wales

Anyway, I've just come across these..

Beautiful, huh?
That right, no wood, no glue, just Lego!
Read more about the artist behind them here
He must have the patience of a saint!

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  1. These are wonderful Claire. Legos, wow! I would love to see you little Victorian house. Take lots of pics next time you're home.

    Have a lovely day,


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