Monday 21 November 2011

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Hope your Monday went well
I've managed to catch a horrible flu type bug that's left me sounding like a teenage boy
I've been having lots of fresh veggie juices and spicy soups
I swear, if you want to speed up any cold type bug, add cayenne pepper to your food
It had ALWAYS made my colds go faster
Sisco's not too happy with my coughing
Each time I do it she looks at me as if 'What the hell?"

Anyway, I've found some lovelies that I hope you'll like

1. Nu Bambu
I've got a huge love for raw Amethyst necklaces and this is really pretty

2. Sweet Hoots

3. MKH Quilts
Isn't this quilt adorable?

4. Fancy Brand Rings
Aww, cute little fox

5. Asking For Trouble
I'm a big list maker and I'm in love with this

6. Near Sighted Owl
So pretty

7. Hoppy Bunnies
Isn't this notebook a sweet idea?

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  1. Love your picks!! That quilt is amazing! Would make a great gift for any baker :)

  2. i love that top necklace! hope you're feeling better, i always add hot sauce to everything when i feel sick! that spiciness seems to get everything out! happy monday!


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