Monday 14 November 2011

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Happy Monday
Can you believe how close we are to Christmas?
I've bought one present! One!
I need to get my skates on!
Yesterday I visited the lovely Things British shop on Carnaby Street
Now, I'm not just saying this because my plush are there
But it is such a unique shopping experience
I swear, you could find something for everyone there
Here's a picture of my candy coloured shelf after a bit of a re-do

Oh, this Thursday (3-8pm) some sellers in the shop are offering a 20% discount in conjunction with Carnaby Shopping night
Me included! So pop down and have a browse!

Ok, onto this weeks finds
I've realised nearly every week I feature rings and something cat related
Possibly a little bit obsessed?

1. Giddy Girl Vintage
This is an original hardback storybook
Can you think of a better gift for a Goonies fan?
Goonies never say die!!

2. Amy Cornwell
Well, this is just so sweet
You might say a perfect Christmas gift...Huh Paul?
Seriously, I have a ring addiction!!

3. The Poppy Tree
I love Poppy tree's magical world and these stickers are really cute!

4. Heidi Shaulis
If you like cats, you'll like this shop!

5. Mississippi Gypsy
I love kid-like jumpers like this!

6. Hieng Tang

7. Manjar
These are cookies!
What an amazing gift for a photography lover!

Ok, I'm off to snuggle up with Sisco and Paul
Stay warm!

Click on the photos to visit the shops


  1. This are fabulous finds! I'm glad you posted this...I'm out and about in the internet world shopping for Christmas.

  2. great post ^-^ thanks for sharing!



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