Tuesday 3 January 2012

Christmas in Wales - The Pets

I realised I hardly took any photos this Christmas
We were only there for a short time and it seemed to go by so fast
My sister has 2 whippets, Charlie & Snoopy
They're absolutely crazy
I only managed to get Charlie in the shot and Snoopy was blurred

This is my mums dog, Jessica May Heather Williams (Yes, that's her real name)
She's a bit of an older lady and is so cute!

I don't have a favorite out of my mums cats, but this is the only photo I took of little Lucy
She's a special girl, as she's deaf and quite anxious
She loves waking you up by getting really close to your face and purring very loud

And finally
The poser 'Little' Chris
She's always after attention, ready to put on a show!

Just chillin'

I can't believe I came away with so little cat photos, I usually take at least 50!
Aww, I really want to cuddle them now!

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  1. Oh Claire how cute. "Little" Chris looks just like my Layla, but she is grey and white, right down to the belly. I love you mums dogs name. Quite a moniker for a little girl.



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