Monday 9 January 2012

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I just got back from sorting my shelf out in Things British
I've added some new brooches, which I'm pretty happy with

I've mentioned before how I'm a sucker for stationary, so I had to have this notebook

I thought I'd seen it before, then I realised I posted about it on my Etsy loves back in October
I can't believe I'd forgotten about it!
Here's the link to her Etsy if you want to check it out
See, that notebook was destined to be mine
Paul met me after and we decided to have a roam, and stopped for some yummy Mexican food
I love Mexican food, but it's hard to find decent places in the U.K. (I think Wahaca is the best)
When we were staying in California I think we spoilt it for ourselves really! (Best Mexican food!!)
Of course I had to stop at Artbox and wanted to buy like 20 notebooks, but I had some self control
They just have the cutest things!

Anyway onto this weeks finds

1. The Little Clay House
This little guy look so charming!

2. Lovely Musings
Amethyst and Citrine's are my two favorite stones

3. Creative Wild Child
Cute and a great message!

4. John Birdsong
Love these!!!

5. Pabadoo
Love this!

6. Green Fox Magnets
Gotta have a little Gizmo thrown in!

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  1. Soooooo lovely selections!! I love the nature photos since I'm a big fun of planting and growing vegetables, flowers, going on campings here in Greece's islands and coasts. I've been once in London and....there's so much things to see and do!! Hope to come again some day.
    Anna from

  2. Aww that 'ignore the rain look for the rainbow' picture is so sweet!! And I'm also a sucker for stationary and stones!! Especially amethyst!

  3. I love Artbox so much, I have to hold myself back every time I go because I'd buy everything if I had the cash!


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