Monday 2 January 2012

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ 1st of the New Year ♥

Happy Monday!
It's the first Etsy post of the year!
And I've found some great new sellers, plus re-visted a few I've mentioned before
Hope you find something you like!

Ma Fratelli freaked me out when I was younger
Crazy old lady!

2. Fire Fluff
I know it may sound dramatic, but when I first saw this it was so cute it made me want to cry
Look at that little face!

3. Twinkie Chan
I've mentioned Twinkies cute work quite a few times
But I'm so in love with the crochet 'paintings' she creates
I think this is my favorite!

4. Berd and Bee
Apple candles!

5. Oopa Lele
This ring in just magical!
It looks like something Jareth from Labyrinth would wear!

6. Vintage and Supply
I'm a sucker for anything Gizmo related
He's just so adorable!

7. My Zoetrope
I've always love Michelle's cute artwork and now I'm in Love with her plush!

Check back tomorrow and I'll be posting lots of photos from my Wales trip (Mainly chubby cat pics!)

Click on the photo to visit the items


  1. I love, love, LOVE that ring too!!

  2. Super cute & cool finds! Thanks for featuring this adorable gremlin from my shop :)

  3. i love that little bear...

  4. have you got Twinkies book?
    i have the but need to learn how to her work so much.
    x x x x


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