Saturday 11 January 2014

Cat Crazy Saturday - All of the Internet Cats

I'm a huge fan of Grumpy cat
There's just something so special about her and I know I'll never get tired of seeing that cute little face

Check out this post from when I sent her and her brother treats!
I'm such a fan girl!

I'm dedicating this cat Saturday to my favourite internet famous kitties

This is amazing
Of course I love her brother Pokey too
I love this print
Sir Stuffington is one handsome and lucky guy!
And his foster mum is amazing
Read more about him here
I need this in my life
It's so perfect
I think Princess Monster Truck is beautiful!
I love this
This is so adorable!
Love it!
I love these nail stickers
I just treated myself to these stickers
Couldn't resist 
This is so good!
I really love all the Tard inspired artwork
And check out these tattoos!
Who's your favourite?


  1. Love your post! My faves out of your pics are the stickers but I love Grumpy Cat and Lil' Bub! YAY for internet cats!

  2. Enjoyed lookng at all those cats. My fav is the tattoo that says 'I got tattood once etc'. Funny!


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