Friday 3 January 2014

Hello, it's me

I've missed blogging, but the last few months have been hectic
There haven't been enough hours in the day!
Here's a little catch up on what I've been up to

 I'm very grateful my shop was busy over Christmas
Smooching with this sweet bambino!
She loved it, I swear! 
Puppy sat for this little babe! 
This was the 1st Christmas Paul and I spent together in London
Although we missed family it was really lovely for it to just be the 3 of us
Christmas day consisted of Monopoly, Champagne and Home Alone

Yummy Christmas dinner!
Mmm Roast potatoes!
 Before Christmas we went to see Edward Scissorhands in the PCC (best cinema, ever!)
I've gone on in the past about how much I love that film and it was so magical to see it on a big screen
As always, the music sent shivers up my spine and I cried (Maybe more than once)
 We went to see Jimmy Carr in The Hen and Chicken pub
I love that venue, there's only around 50 seats and a lot of comedians do warm ups for their tours
As usual I managed to embarrass myself
Towards the end I tried to sneak a picture 
He caught me and asked if I was 'sexting'
I'm not even going to tell you how that went down
 Spooky Hampstead Health
 When it was foggy it looked so magical, but also terrifying!

We also went to see comedian Greg Davies
Most of it was really funny, but there were some dull bits
Whenever a comedian pulls out a guitar I always think ' oh no'
And on the way back we met THE GOVERNOR!!! (Photo cropped as I look awful and tired)
Embarrassing again as usual!
I was on the tube escalator and turned around to talk to Paul and right behind was the Governor
I wasn't too sure so kept peeking and saying to Paul 'Oh my god, it's him. It's The Governor. I'm sure it's him, is it him? Ask him, Oh god'
Yes, I kept my cool
Then he looked at me
So what did I do?
I ducked down
We got off and began walking to the next escalator
I don't know what happened to me that day I turned into a blubbering fangirl
On the next escalator he began to walk past us
I just blurted out 'Are you The Governor'
And you know what he said
'No, leave me alone you crazy woman!'
Just kidding
He said 'Yes I am' in his swoonworthy accent
I asked for a photo and he said 'sure' and began talking to me about the show
I froze and mumbled
I've never been so quiet
He was so nice, thanked us for watching the show and even held the door open for us

And that's about it
The last few months have been a busy blur

I'm really looking forward to this year and have so many plans and wishes
I think it'll be a good one 

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  1. Happy 2014! I love all of the Sisco pictures, such a cutie.


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