Friday 17 January 2014

Friday Favourites

I am so happy it's Friday!

I've just had a bit of a pampering session
Face mask, hot shower, a good exfoliation and I've covered myself in moisturiser and I'm about to do my nails

I know I sound like a typical Brit, but I am so tired of dull, rainy days
C'mon Spring! We need you

Here are my faves of the week!

My Bambino!
This photo was taken at night, so it's not so good
She loves a box, as soon as one's empty she's in it!
I love her yellow eyes
I'm in love with this Tina brooch
So cute!
These dogs dressed as their owners are kinda creepy, but amazing
This soap sounds good enough to eat!
And I love the shops photography
There are so many soaps on Etsy I want, but the shipping is usually really high
This embroidery is so detailed and beautiful
I basically want all the bracelets from this shop!
So pretty! 
Look at those little paws!!!
I need these for when I cook for Paul
Love it!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Eeeep, kitten paws! I love those bracelets too, I might even buy myself one. Hope you had a fun weekend.


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