Saturday 4 January 2014

Cat Crazy Saturday

It's the best day of the week!
I have an excuse to stare at pictures of cats! 
I've got lots of plans and goals for the New Year
One of them is to make more toys to send to different cat charities
It's something I can easily do a hour every now and then in the evening, unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way
But it's something little I can do to help that may break up the kitties days whilst they wait for their forever homes
There are so many amazing charities out there
Here are a few times I've sent catnip toys to them plus some cute kitty pictures
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,   
I would love to have lots of money to be able to help out, unfortunately I don't 
So this is my little way of helping
I'm definitely going to do it more in 2014

Ok onto the cuteness!

I will never get bored of Tard!
I love this card
I need these cat nail stickers!
Look at those little toes!!!

This shirt is sold, but check out the embroidery!
It's insane!
I want cats embroidered on everything!
These printable cat cupcake wrappers are really cute!
This brooch is really cute!
This bag is purrfect!
Cats really are the best!
Give your fur babes a head boop from me


  1. So adorable Claire. I come to you for my "Saturday Catnip Cuteness".


  2. So much cuteness! I especially love the kitty nail stickers.

  3. So many cute cats! I love the one stretching his toes. Good luck with your goal about donating to cat charities more this year, that is such a kind and wonderful goal. Makes me want to donate!

  4. argh! so adorable! i love that little kitty giving his toes a stretch! a friend of mine works for a cat charity and she knitted loads of little catnip mouse and sold them for charity via facebook and online... sadie loves her little mouse i bought her from my friend and is always hugging/killing it.xx( hi sisco!)


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