Thursday 23 January 2014

Daily Cuteness - Jason Edward Davies

I've featured this artist in my Etsy Mondays a few times
But I had to post about him again
His work is just too damn cute!

Especially now he's painted some of my favourite internet kitties!

I didn't think Lil Bub could get any cuter!
I was wrong!
I have no words!
I fell in love with Sir Stuffington the second I saw him
And here are some of my other faves
Now, what I want to know is
When are we going to see him paint Grumpy Cat?

Check out his work here


  1. But he has!

    I want him to paint PRINCESS MONSTER TRUCK!

    1. I know, he tweeted me a link after
      I totally forgot!
      Me too! :)


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