Monday 20 January 2014

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ My Latest Loves ♥

Happy Monday!
I'm excited today as I've just got my new sewing lamp in the post
Hopefully it'll be better than my last one, if it is I'll be a very happy bunny

I realised I haven't done an Etsy Monday post since October
Oh well, at least it's good news for my credit card!

Here are my latest loves

1. Eason Edward Davis
I love this artists work and this kitty is adorable
2. Miranda Dressler
I love Beetlejuice
I've seen that film so many times!
I love the waiting room scenes
3. I Like CATS Shop
I'm loving all of the new jewellery in this shop
And isn't that a great name? 
4. Pony Chops Shop
I just realised this post has a lot of cats in it!
Oh well, what do you expect? haha
I'm in love with the new cards in Chantal's shop
Too cute!
5. Hello Quiet Tiger
This beanie is so cute
Perfect colours
6. Tree Talker
This print is beautiful
The Fox is so cute
Click the photos for links to the items

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