Thursday 10 February 2011

Beth Katleman's Kitsch Sculptures

I recently discovered Beth Katleman's sculptures
She creates kitschy sculptures that appear quite plain, due to lack of colour
But up close, each feature a little story
They are really quite adorable
I love the fact she reuses her flea market finds and gives them a new life
And I love her statement on her blog

My late great aunt Toby taught me everything I know about opulence, excess and artifice. Her bathroom boasted a large crystal chandelier and two red velvet chairs. Of her signature orange hair color she’d say, I’ll dye until the day I die - and she did.

My sculptures and installations combine rococo decoration with icons from popular culture. I comb the flea markets in search of 1950's squeaky toys, corporate mascots, miniature buildings, cartoon characters and dolls. Often the second and third generation knock-offs catch my eye, especially those that seem to pine for a grander existence. I cast these trinkets in clay, reinventing them and lavishing them with attention. Porcelain suggests luxury, refinement and royal provenance. While one flea market treasure seems a little sad, a florid profusion of them is cause for celebration. My sculptures examine the nature of consumption and desire in our time.

These pictures are from her new collection, Folly
Check her out!

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  1. These are amazing! So much detail and time gone into them. I expect it's work that you have to look at again, and agin, to fully appreciate all the components.


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