Monday 14 February 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ I Love You ♥

Hi There!
Happy Monday/Valentines Day!
We don't really celebrate Valentines day
We used to earlier in our relationship, but now we prefer to just make special days more spontaneous
I think there is SO much pressure on couples for Valentines day, and singles are made top feel left out!
It's much more romantic to do something because you want to, not because "Oh crap, it's valentines day! Better buy something quick"
Just my opinion
So, C'mon people don't wait until Valentines day to tell your loved one how special they are!

Anyway, here are my Etsy picks for this week!
Hope you like them

1. The Nebulous Kingdom
I can't even tell you how many times I've seen this film, and it still gets me every time!
I'm not a particularly soppy person, but certain films turn me into a blubbering wreck
And this is one of them
"Hold me"
"I can't"
Gaaahhh! Everytime!

2. Stellaranae
I'm a sucker for a cute and kitschy jumper!
And this one is great!

3. Kristy McMurry
Cute idea!

4. Mooreaseal
I love Amethyst rings
And this one is really special!

5. Grandma Marle Vintage
I definitely want to wear more dresses this summer
And this one is pretty!

6. Grand Wazoo
This tote is so cute!
I love Pugs so much!
Saw 2 little baby ones in the woods today
1 fawn and 1 black
They melt my heart so much!
One day I will have a little Pug baby and cover his/her little smooshy face in kisses!

7. DunDalkBorn
A little diner play set?
I'd love this now for decoration!

8. Em and Sprout
I am definitely buying a pair of Em & Sprouts cute mary janes for Summer
And I think these will be them!
And, check out the little furry babe trying to get in on the action!

Well, hope you saw some things you like!
Sending out lots of love today!


  1. that heart sweater is truly amazing! i love that amethyst ring too and the size is perfect!! great picks!


  2. yes! isn't moorea's shop awesome? and i love the heart sweater too!


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