Friday 25 February 2011

Start of Spring on Hampstead Heath

Hi there!
Can you believe it's Friday?
I know, I always say it
But the week has flown by!
On Thursday, the weather was beautiful, so we headed to Hampstead Heath
By the time we got there it wasn't as sunny, but still pretty warm for February
It was lovely walking around, planning what we want to do this Spring and Summer
Spring has never really appealed to me much
I'm much more a Summer/Autumn girl
But after the dreary weather we've been having, I'm really loving Spring!

I love Snowdrops!
So pretty and dainty!

Isn't this gorgeous?

See those two little pigeons in the photo below?
They were walking along in front of us for a while and sounded like they were having a bit of a heated debate
I thought they were a couple having a row, Paul thought I was over thinking!

Check out that little guy with his funky hair-do!

Just a little photo update!
I can't wait until Spring!
What's your favorite season?


  1. lovely pics, especially the ones of the crocuses. I think they're crocuses, but either way they're beautiful x

  2. My favourite seasons are spring and autumn. I like them both very much. Your pictures are lovely, especially today they make me smile for the wheather here (north-western Germany) is bad. It´s dark and very cloudy outside.
    Have a nice sunday! X


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