Monday 28 February 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ La La Love You! ♥

So, tomorrow it's March
Seriously, wasn't it just Christmas?
I need to get a caffeine drip and work through my To Do list (I actually really love making lists!)
Last week when I went to Hampstead Heath it felt like Spring was upon us, now it's freeeezing!
What's going on?
I was starting to plan day trips and picnics!
Never mind
As a typical Brit, I'll probably start moaning when it gets hot!
Let's get on with this Mondays Etsy picks!
Hope you find something you like!

1. Q Works

This adorable little spool necklace is perfect for sewing lovers!

2. Cindy Mars 7
This bag is perfect for Spring

3. Janet Hill Studio
This painting is so lifelike! has a cute Pug!

4. Welcome To The Doghouse
I've posted before about Alexis' work before, it's so cute!
And this little one caught my eye!
And I really want those glasses!

5. Wonderland Room
These would make organising much more fun!

6. Ugly Kitty
Little Quasi was adopted from Cool Cat's Rescue Center, a No-Kill adoption center
Now Quasi's owner raises money for the shelter through her Etsy shop!
Since Oct 2006 she's raised $3,000!
That's a lot of little kitties helped
I think little Quasi is a cutie!

7. The Ringleader
These earrings are so detailed!

8. Dirdy Birdy
I've got a bit of a thing about wood jewelery lately
And these earrings are gorgeous!

9. Nina Friday
I discovered Nina through Facebook a while back and fell in love with her art instantly
Straight away I bought one of her gorgeous prints!
Check out her work, it's dreamy!

Well that's it for this week
I'm doing a mini etsy update tomorrow
So please check back!


  1. that painting with pug is awesome and i just love those wood earrings too! so beautiful!

    i am a fan of the listing making too! i will just write a list just to clear my head...helps when i am feeling overwhelmed!


  2. Janet Hill is one of my favorites!! I also really love those feather earrings. So cute.

  3. that little spool necklace is just so precious! x

  4. i really like your style, love all the Etsy Items, I also like the way you write,


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