Saturday 5 March 2011

Cat Crazy Saturday

If you know me, or you've been reading my blog it's obvious I love cats
I'm from a loooong line of cat lovers
At one point when my mum really couldn't say no to strays, we had 8!
I've always found cats so amazing, smart and unique
I have never met two the same and I feel lucky that I've got to know so many beautiful babies
I spend alot of time looking at cat videos and cute pics
Usually it's a link someones sent me, or something I've seen on a site and next thing you know an hours gone!
I'm sure I drive Paul crazy as I always seem to be saying "Oh wow, you need to come see this! It's so cute/funny/adorable!"
I send alot of links to my Paul's Mum too (But that's OK because she does the same!)
So I've decided to make it a regular feature on my blog
Because lets be honest, a cute kitty never fails to make us smile!
Hope you like these!
Imagine living with all those babies??

Cathy Peng
has the cutest items in her shop
This is definitely my latest favorite!

This couple are AMAZING!!!!
They transformed their home into a cats paradise
Now that is dedication!
Their site has lots more info!

Although I hate to see or hear cats cry
The captions for this video are so funny!

And, of course I had to include the amazing Cat Versus Human

Hope you enjoyed the links!
I'd love to find out about any cat links you love!


  1. Eeeek I love the house with all the kitty ramps!

  2. How fun! I will definitely be looking forward to seeing more kitties on your blog. Thanks for making me smile! :-)


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