Sunday 27 March 2011

I love the sun

Today was such a lovely, lazy Sunday!
We headed to the woods for a long walk (and some puppy spotting!)
We just walked, chatted and enjoyed the lovely weather
We ended up visiting a park that is near us, but we don't really go to anymore
I think it's because when we first moved here we'd always go there for walks and picnics and got a bit bored with it
I love that park though, it will always have a special place in my heart
When we first visited the estate agent and viewed our flat we were umming and ahhing about renting it, when we passed the park
We walked amongst the trees and sweet smelling flowers and saw a huge pond
It was full of baby ducks with their mummies swimming about together, it was beautiful
And that was it! We decided that day to rent the flat
Nearly 4 years later we are still here
With the addition one stroppy little black kitty!

Here are some photos from that special spot

I've posted photos of this tree before, but I just think it's amazing

I had to zoom in alot, so these photos aren't perfect
But how cute is this little guy?
I love Robins so much!

Hope you've had a good weekend full of love, laughter and fun!

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