Saturday 19 March 2011

The scent of Spring & Some Sisco Photos

It is so lovely out today
Sure it's cold, but it's so sunny!
I love it!
We had to pop out for a walk
At the end of our street there is this tree and in spring it is covered in the prettiest little blossoms
Whenever you pass by it, you walk through this heavenly, flowery scent
It smells SO good!

If anyone knows what type of tree this it, I'd love to find out

This amazing bush is against our neighbours house, it's so bright and pretty it almost doesn't look real!

I realised I haven't put any pictures of little Sisco on the blog lately!
So here she is
Still moody...

And cute....

And always up for a good nap!

I'll be back later today for my Cat crazy saturday post!
Hope you have some sun where you are!

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  1. aaahhh Lovely blossomed almond tree!!! aren't they the loveliest?? btw Sisco is adorable!!! Have a great early Spring weekend :-))


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