Monday 14 March 2011

A lovely Monday Surprise

Etsy Monday was the first regular feature I began on my blog
I could spend hours on etsy
Not only is it full of amazingly creative and inspiring people, the vintage items are to die for!
All of the items I feature on a Monday are items I genuinely love and hopefully I can help spread the word about them!
A few week ago I featured a bag from a seller that I like
I got an email off her thanking me and asking for my address to send something in the post
I was suprised, but happy. I never expected anything and thought she was probably sending me a thank you note
Then, this morning I opened a parcel and this is what was inside!

A mini clutch in the same design as the bag I featured, plus a lovely note!
I was blown away!
It's so cute and well made!
Even the lining is lovely!

Mayka, thank you so much for the gift, you are a total sweetheart!
I love it!!!

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