Wednesday 9 March 2011

Inspiring craft areas & My addiction to Michaels

One thing I really LOVE to do is have a peek at people craft areas
Paul's the same, except with music studios
I just find it so inspiring, and it's really interesting the see all of the different areas people create to work in
Unfortunately, due to the fact London is crazy expensive I don't have the luxury of a separate craft room
But I love what I have and I try to make the most of it
Which is easier said than done
Because I am a bit of a hoarder (As in collects alot of things, not like that show)
I admit it, and I always have been one
I think it runs in the family, as my Gran used to have a whole cupboard in the kitchen for reusable plastic containers 'You never know when you might need one'
Which is fair enough, but I don't really see anything happening where you might need like 60!

I have got better though, I have become more strict and always try to ask myself 'will I use it?'
But I love pretty much anything crafty
And because of previously living near to a discount material shop and trips to the US (I LOVE Michael's! AKA Boyfriend hell. Seriously, if we had one in the UK I would have no money)
I have lots of craft bits and bobs, but I will use them! (Incase Paul reads this)
I do love having a good clean of my craft area, it makes me want to create!
So here are some spaces that I find inspirational!
Hope you like them!

Totally girly and cute!

Do you think it's that perfect all the time?

Such a happy spot!

Gorgeous colours!

So pretty!

This is a cupboard!
See, making the most of things!

So lovely and light!

Love those pen holders


Just click on the photos for links
I'd love to know, where do you craft?


    heres a post I did when i completley remodled my scrap room!

  2. I checked it out and left a comment! It looks lovely!

  3. These are great! I really enjoy looking at craft spaces and studios too. It's so inspiring! Here's mine:

    If you loved Michael's, you would REALLY love Hobby Lobby. They're not all over the U.S., mostly in the midwest. But they are amazing. Their stores are huge, and the selection makes Michael's look skimpy. I could spend hours there, maybe entire days if I had the time!

  4. Thanks for the link! Really cute!
    And I need to find a Hobby Lobby when I'm in the U.S!!!

  5. Wow that cupboard is pretty awesome!


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