Thursday 31 March 2011

Nail Art Inspiration

When I finished university last year I let out a big sigh of relief
I finally had time for myself
I made a pact to spend some well earned time on me
During the last few months of uni my hair was always scraped back, my nail varnish constantly chipped and I usually had some thread or glue stuck to me!
So when I finished I vowed to make more of an effort to do my hair, make-up and nails
It just makes you feel sooo much better, especially after feeling messy for so many months
I kept it up for a while, but now I'm back to gross chipped nails
I paint them, the leave them until the last scrap of polish comes off
Not a good look!
I've been spotting all these amazing photos of nail art in magazines and all over the net
I really want to try some
How amazing are these?

Definately going to do this!

So sweet!


I bet this took forever!!

Perfectly pink!

Have you tried any?
I'd love to see!
So there was a little vain and girly post from me
I'll get back to rambling on about cats!

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  1. OMG the one with the clouds is SO awesome, and the pandas and the polka dots. I wish I had the artistic talent to do something like this! Have you seen the cupcake nails in the PPK thread?

  2. Yes! So cute! I've done polka dots before, it's really easy.
    I just used the end of a toothpick and it looks pretty good!

  3. i'ven never done these...the penguin nails rock...i'd need someone to do this for me, i'm kinda sloppy with polish.

  4. thank you for your comments on my blog. i'm always excited to find new blogs and yours looks great! and now i want to go paint my nails. ( :

  5. Definatley do your nails.. it makes the whole day more glam! Hey check for some basic tutorials I haven't done many yet but hopefully you'll get inspired! ciao x


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