Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Amber Grey Dream like Photography

I just want to share a photographer I recently discovered
As I've mentioned before in my blog, I really love photography that is fairytale inspired and dream-like
Amber Greys work is just that!
Her work is absolutely beautiful!


  1. wow the photography really is beautiful. and ethereal! i love it. thanks for sharing x

  2. ha I'm so glad I clicked on the first image to view it full screen...I had not noticed that adorable little piggy at all until then! I never heard of this photographer the work is really beautiful,so thanks for sharing! (inspiration ^_^) have you looked at the work by Pierre Gilles ? I think you will like it if you like these.have a nice day x

  3. amber greys + pierre gilles = katy perrys bizarre new video?! lol

  4. Hey, thanks for the suggestion!


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