Saturday 2 April 2011

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Cat Saturday!!!
I hope this week was good to you!
I'm really loving the fact it's lighter in the evenings now, I get so much more done!
I've been working on some cute embroideries for my shop, which I'm hoping to list next week

Hope you enjoy my kitty picks for this week
I really love the video!

Love these!
Signs You Might Be A Cat
You can get cuddles whenever you want them

You don't understand the language that pet humans use, but you always know when they are talking about you

You are always on the wrong side of any closed door

You feel an irresistible urge to get inside a cupboard as soon as it's open and remove any articles of clothing from their hangers

You know how to open an inkjet printer and watch the black plastic things move, even though you haven't quite been able to bat one yet. But one day, you know you will

You can eat all the tins you want. All! Just say meow and more food magically appears

You talk whenever one of your pet humans goes to the toilet You feel an obligation to yowl on their behalf, same as you do when using your own facilities, because for some strange reason they lack this ability

Sometimes you stop talking in the middle of a sentence and wash your leg or your naughty bits

You are always right, no matter how bad you are

I love these kitten wall hangings so much!

These vintage clocks are so adorable!
Shame they're reserved, I'd love them!

Sisco would LOVE this!

I know this is pretty kitschy, but I think it's adorable!

This video is so funny! You need to watch it!

And that's it for this Saturday
Hope your weekend is fun filled!


  1. That video cracked me UP! And my kitties would love that coffee table. They already like to sit underneath the one we have. It would be so fun for them to have a little bed to lounge in!


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