Monday 11 April 2011

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Happy Monday!
The weather this weekend in London has been amazing!
It's like it's Summer already!
We've been rubbing ice-cubes on Siscos paws to cool her down!
(Don't worry she loves it!)
I'm really looking forward to this week
I've got a list of things I want to make and it's so nice now it's lighter, and I can actually see what I'm doing!
Lightening in a basement isn't that good!

So here we go
Hope you like my pics this week!

1. Mara May
This vintage paper garland is so bright and pretty!

2. Babette World
This necklace is absolutely beautiful!
The colour is perfect

3. PoopiSan
Love this owls sleepy little face!

4. Green Cricket
This would be so sweet for storing your crafty bits!

5. Paper Peaches
Can you believe that is a little origami rose?
It looks too perfect
Check out the shop, it's amazing!

6. Tanya Bond
I like this artists style, and this print is cute

7. Quiet Mischief
These flowers are made of duct tape
The rings in the shop are pretty too

8. Courtney Oquist
This style is adorable!

9. TikiBeave
How amazing is this?
It's a little birdhouse!

10. Outrageous Decor
Love this vintage bag!
It's made up of Ice cream sticks!

So that's it!
Hope you found something you like!

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