Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cat Crazy Saturday

Hello there!
It's Saturday, so it's time to get your cat fix!
So far, it's been a lovely relaxing start to the weekend
It's soo sunny! Really makes me happy!
Plus, I am totally blissed out on the Teavana tea! haha
Seriously, this stuff is amazing!

On to the kitties!!

Love this!

This necklace is really sweet!

These cats are gorgeous!

This video is adorable
I just want to kiss them both!

This cat hammock is cute
Good idea!

Love these cat quotes, so true!

Hope your weekend is fun filled!


  1. I tried to get Nacho to lay in a cat hammock when she was a kitten. I thought it would be the cutest ever, but she was unwilling to indulge me!

  2. Ahhh! Nacho is such a cute name!

  3. OMG the emo cat is TO DIE FOR! ahahahahah
    and the 2 kitties look like mine *_*

  4. Thank you for the kitty love! That video is so sweet, and the music had me cracking up. I love cat people. :-)


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