Saturday 23 April 2011

Cat Crazy Saturday

Hi there!
Hope your weekend is off to a good start!
We had both planned to work on some projects we have, but the weather was so lovely we decided to head to the park for a picnic
We stayed less than an hour as the heat was too much!
But we've had such a lovely day so far
Sometimes I think the best days are unplanned!
And it's just started to thunder!
I really love a good thunderstorm!

Here are this weeks Cat picks!
I hope you love them

How amazing is this cat cake?

This video is so funny and cute!
I love this feisty little kitty!
Impatient Kitten Can't Wait for its Dinner

I really like the colour of this tee
But I LOVE the message!
So many furry babies need homes and your love!

I love cat furniture like this that fits in with your home

I've mentioned Jason Freeny's work before, but I just think it's such a clever idea
And this Hello Kitty is creepy/cute!

This camera is adorable, plus I'm really loving yellow lately!

Plus, some bonus Sisco photos I have to share
This is what happens when you leave food around
This time it was rice cakes
Butter all over her face!

Mucky pup!

We couldn't stop laughing when she did this, so cute!
Oh little Sisco, I thought I couldn't love you anymore than I do!

Hope your weekend is amazing!

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  1. haha sisco is so cute! his little face is so human-like! yay for caturday!


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