Tuesday 5 April 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Listing my Loves (A little late) ♥

Hi there!
Sorry about not doing my usual Etsy Monday post
I've never missed a post before but I had the worst migraine, so I just had to stay in bed
(Which annoyed Sisco as she likes to have all the pillows to herself!)
Luckily I had some strong painkillers from the doctor, that helped sooo much
But they turned me into a zombie, so I decided to rest and give my Monday post a miss
Otherwise, it would have probably been alot of miss spelt rambling with some cat pictures thrown in!
If anyone has any migraine remedies that work, I'd really love to know!
Thankfully, today I'm feeling much more myself and ready to share my latest lovely finds with you!

1. The Adorned Abode

This box is actually wooden and distressed to give it a vintage look
Isn't it lovely? Perfect colours too

2. Couture Blond 21
This bath bomb is so beautiful

3. Boardwalk Candles
These candles look good enough to eat!

4. Ayofemi Jewelery
This bracelet is beautiful
It's like a grown up friendship bracelet

5. The Shabby Shack
I love this reworked tub sofa!!

6. Dalcomi
These little kitty rings are pretty cute!

7. Crave Jewelery Design
I'm not really a bunny person, but I'm on a real bunny kick lately
And this necklace is sweet

8. Dilka Bear
Love this print!

9. Dots Diner
I featured Dots Diner's aprons in one of my first Etsy posts
I recently checked out her shop again and HAVE to feature it!
Her aprons have got even more amazing!
How beautiful is this? Too pretty to get messy (I am a very messy cook)

Well, that's it for this Monday!
I am so looking forward to being productive this week after the last few days!


  1. Thank you so much for showcasing my recipe box! And what a great list of items - I am in love with the aprons at Dot's Diner as well. :)
    -Kelly at The Adorned Abode

  2. Oh I LOVE the bunny necklace!! Those candles are mega cute too =) x

  3. Great finds! Love the recipe box and the apron. Such a fun theme!!

  4. So much cute! I love bunnies & that necklace is super cute!


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