Wednesday 1 June 2011

Catnip Fish & a mini giveaway!

About a week ago I saw a tweet about Battersea Cats Home asking crafters to knit toys to keep the cats busy
I'm not a knitter, but I wanted to help
So I emailed about making some catnip felt toys, they said they would love them so I got to work!
I had toy filler, a lot of old felt I don't use anymore and a bag of catnip is so cheap
So I made some fish!
They were quite fast to make and it made me think, why haven't I done this before?
I'm going to try and make some each month now to send to cat shelters
Hopefully, they will make the kitties days a bit less boring!

But of course I had to test them first!
Sisco LOVED them!
I'm never buying her any catnip toys again, I'll just make them as she seemed to enjoy these even more!
I haven't posted any 'action' shots as they were a total blur!
But this is Sisco after

Ready to go!


Here is a link to the page, you can download free knitting patterns too!

Also, if you want one
The 1st three people that post a comment along with their cats name I will send you your own catnip fish!
Also leave an email address so I can contact you


  1. sadie says she would love a catnip toy! and she looks like sisco.x
    my email is

  2. Aw, I bet my kitties (Rummy, Sinful Cynthia, Zia Maida, and Tic-Tac)would love that, but they'd have to learn to share! I've never exposed them to catnip before, though!

  3. My cat Mar would love 'em!



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