Tuesday 14 June 2011

Hello Kitty x Vans - Sweetness for your feet!

I always have and probably will have a HUGE love for Hello Kitty!
I can imagine myself being 90 years old, with lilac hair and a big hello kitty bow
That's how much I love it!
I love seeing HK collaborations pop up and I think this one is sweet!
Plus, I love vans - they're so comfy!

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What do you think?
Do you have a favorite?
I think the last pink pair are pretty sweet!


  1. I need the black white and red ones!!! I never grew out of hello kitty! i have a hello kitty tattoo and even got the sanrio/doc marten collaboration boots last xmas... looove them! =)

  2. The last pinl pair are my fave too but ohmigosh they are all amazing! Need some new shoes too...

  3. Oh my god! Hello Kitty shoes! I need the pink pair, they're definitely my favourites too.

  4. Also, I'd decided that Croc's were the spawn of the devil but I just saw these... http://www.schuh.co.uk/womens-black-and-pink-crocs-hello-kitty/1746099360

  5. Oh god, I know!
    I stared at them for about 5 mins thinking "they don't look too much like crocs, do they?" haha
    I think they're quite cute!
    I worried I'll get to a point I'll be drawn to anything with a HK bow on it. I'm just praying there is never an ed hardy colab! haha


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