Sunday 12 June 2011

Amazing Collections & My sticker obsession!

As we're going to Wales soon it got me thinking about all of the things I have stored at my mums house
I'm lucky she agreed to keep things from my childhood, as there is a lot!
I'm looking forward to having a rummage!
One of the things I want to find are my sticker books
When I was younger I was very serious about my stickers!
They had to go in a waxed book, so I could swap them around if I changed my mind about where I put them! haha
Every time I got birthday or Christmas money I would buy some
And I remember going to Florida and discovering Lisa Frank!
Lisa Frank was my IDOL when I was younger, I loved everything she did!
Unicorns and kittens?? Heaven!
If I can find my sticker books I will post pictures of them!

I was browsing the net and found some amazing collections I want to share with you!
Check these out

This is dedication!

This site is AMAZING for Jem memorabilia!
I didn't know even half of this existed!
And I love this top!

I was never a big My Little Pony fan, but this is amazing!

Love this!
Goonies never say die!!

Love these Jaws collections!

Did I mention I'm going to see Jaws 2 in the cinema?
In central London there's a cinema called the Prince Charles Cinema
They play classics as well as new films
A while back we went to see The Goonies
It was SUCH an amazing experience, everyone in the cinema booed, cheered and clapped throughout the film
I loved seeing it on the big screen!
We came out feeling like we'd experienced something special
If you go to London, check it out!

I'd love to know, what did you collect when you were younger?
And do collect anything now?

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  1. Ahhhh it deleted my big comment! I'll try again:
    This post is awesome. haha. My collections are pretty ADD but most of what I collect would be Star Wars memorabilia, toys etc.. Owl ANYTHING.. & Harry Potter stuff! :D The decor theme of our house is pretty much just geekery. My poor husband.. but oh well, he knew what he was getting into. haha. I DREAM of having extra rooms to fill with my collections & actually being able to collect THAT much stuff & ORGANIZE it!!! Great stuff! Love this post!


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