Wednesday 8 June 2011

I have some green fingers! Plus some kitties


Just a little update with pictures of my plants!

I can't believe these tomato plants were from the £1 shop!

Such a bargain!

I re-potted 3 to each pot and as they grow I will re pot them again

Some seem stronger than others

Check out that monster in the centre!

I am pretty proud!

I'm also a bit late posting these pics, but the weather has been crazy here

Raining really heavily one minute, then super sunny the next!

Ahhh, crazy British Summers!

And the Pansy is still alive!
And it's turned purple

The amazing smelling Basil plant!


Sisco with her collar on

She only wears it every now and then, I love the way it makes her look a bit chubby (I don't tell her that though)

LOVE this picture of Sisco

This is outside out bedroom window, which opens onto our neighbour’s garden

And this is Chilli!

He lives across the road and is such a lovely little guy!

He also has the loudest purr I have ever heard!

Doesn't he look so beautiful in this photo?

He's wandered in our flat a few times when Sisco wasn't in

All he wants is for you to fuss him

And this little kitten also lives on our road

He is such a cutie

When I get older and move to a bigger place, I am so filling it with cats!

The neighbours probably see me going along the road fussing all the cats and think I'm a bit strange
But I don't care, you can never love too many cats!

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  1. Aw, lovely kitties!
    There are lots of cats in our neighbourhood and I'm always stopping to talk to them all and give them tickles. My neighbours must think I'm crazy too!


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