Monday 27 June 2011

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Hi there!
This weather is crazy!
London is so humid!
I think we're feeling it more than usual as we've had a week of lovely Welsh sea air
And it's turned Sisco into a sleep monster
We've been rubbing ice cubes on the back of her neck and on her pads to cool down
She sits happily as we do it, such a little diva

I've only just woke up, after running around all day I lay on the bed for a 5 minute rest and dozed off!
This heat must be affecting me
Because I had a dream I'd dyed my hair dark brown and I was in a house with the Jersey Shore people
Someone had pushed Snooki in the pool, she got really mad and everyone was stressed!
I know, crazy! haha

Ok, enough of my rambling and onto this weeks finds!

1. Amiramednick
This necklace is beautiful and so perfect for summer

2. Doodle Cats
I discovered Beths work a few weeks back and it's super cute!
Check it out, she's a fellow cat lady

3. Jam Fancy
Love the style of this artwork
It's vintage style creepy/cute

4. Jape
This vintage kitty is so pretty!

5. The Meadow Lark
Just beautiful!

6. Jodie Anna
Love these!
When I was little I really wanted to buy an ice cream van when I got older
Not only can you have unlimited lollies, but I think the vans are super cute!
UK people, remember those plastic cone type tubs with a gumball at the bottom?
I think they were called Screwballs? They were my favorite!

7. Ibby and Rufus
I really love these!
What a great idea!

8. Sarah Scott Keys
Love the style of this funky little guy
Also love the colours

So that's it for this Monday!
Hope the rest of your day is great and I'm wishing for a Summer Thunderstorm


  1. Thanks for including my necklace!

    It's so hot and humid here in Bristol too. Artemis really hates the heat and he's just floucing around the house looking pathetic and stays in the shadiest part of the house. I expect it's times like these kitties wish they weren't so floofy!

  2. Yayy I'm so glad I saw your blog! It's superfantastique xxx

  3. Fabu! Thanks for including my Kitty Bank. I'll keep my fingers crossed for that thunder storm!

  4. It's so hot isnt it?! my cat has been stretched out in front of the fan with cold water bottles and those ice block cooler things. She's very grumpy bless her!


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