Friday 24 June 2011

A mini Update & Emily May Artwork

Happy Friday!
I'm back in Sunny London!
Last night it was lovely to sit on the couch with Paul and Sisco, our little family was back together!
Sisco has been VERY spoilt!
I have a lot of pictures to post and will do that in the next few days
I have to tackle unpacking the case first (I hate that)
But guess what? I found one of my sticker books!!
And I still love Lisa Frank!
I woke up to some lovely surprises this morning!
1. Sisco was purring
2. The sun was shining
3. I'd sold another little owl
and 4. My shop was featured on this lovely blog!
If you're a sucker for cute things, check out the site it's adorable!
I've got a lot of things to do today, but I just want to share some work from an artist I love!
Emily May is one super talented lady and I love this collection series she's created
Plus, her work features a lot of cats!
I bet you can guess which one of these is my favorite?



  1. Glad you had a fun time! I love the second pic with the older lady and the cats! :)
    Thanks for your comment over on my blog.. do you drink hot or cold water with lemon when you're ill? I'm totally going to try everything until this cold goes!
    Look forward to seeing your photos :)

  2. I really love those collection pictures. I think I'm mix between the comic & cat one hehe. I only have one cat so not a full crazy cat lady yet! ;)


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